1. How many players is considered a tournament?

Generally, tournaments are 40 or more players with a maximum of 144 players playing at the same time. More than 144 players would require both a morning and afternoon round.

2. Is a golf tournament a good way to raise funds for charity?

Golf tournaments, if managed properly, are very profitable for charities.

3. What are golfers looking for?

The golfer wants a nice golf course, high-end player gift and first-class experience.

4. How do you find golfers?

A strong and engaged committee is a great start.

5. How do we fill our field?

Ask your friends, company, groups you belong to and list of accounts payables.

6. What types of golf tournaments are there?

There are many to choose from but the most popular is a scramble format.

7. What does the sponsor want for their donation?

Surveys show that 62% of sponsors want more “bang for their buck”. They want this through quality on-course signage, their logo on a tournament website with their website link and social media recognition.

8. Why do I want to hire someone when I have a committee?

Committees consist of volunteer members with limited time to give and little golf experience; ask yourself if the additional hours your staff is putting in is worth it. Hiring a certified tournament consultant provides you the expertise to make your event successful.

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