networking golf events

Have you ever thought about organizing Networking Golf  Events or Outings?

One of the most important aspects of business relationships is the personal, social relationship. A Networking Golf Event can be an extremely effective networking tool that not only is physically and mentally challenging, but also is the perfect environment to network with friends and clients.

Forming a relationship, especially a business relationship, takes time.

Loyalty plays a huge rule in not only starting a business relationship, but more importantly maintaining one.  Trust and communication with potential clients or partners is an essential component for a business partnership. Our culture puts a lot of emphasis on first impressions but you can rarely establish a foundation with someone in just one meeting, especially if it is a brief introduction at corporate event.

Intermingling Business and Golf

A game of golf is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone that could turn into a long-term client. Golf is not just about finishing the game, but more about the strategy, which goes hand-in-hand with the business opportunities that the game brings to all players. A simple game of golf can truly be the perfect way to develop a long-term friendship and business relationship.

Even if you don’t play a full round or just nine holes, you are guaranteed at least a couple hours with those in your golf group.

Golf is a game that involves a lot of downtime so it affords plenty of opportunity for quality conversation. Take advantage!

You don’t have to be a good golfer to make a good impression. How you carry yourself while you play is far more important than how well you actually play. If you’re a great golfer, don’t let on that you’re aware that you’re a great golfer. And if you’re a terrible golfer, don’t make yourself look silly by apologizing for your poor play or by making excuses. The qualities that people value in the business arena (confidence, self-assuredness, composure, etc.) should be displayed on the golf course, regardless of the number on your scorecard.